Like many others I discovered Hanna Somatics© on a search for pain relief. In fact, I was looking for someone who could help my son Ian with a shoulder injury while he was studying art in San Francisco. Even though he eventually required surgery, Hanna Somatics helped Ian manage the pain and supported his recovery from the procedure. Amazingly enough Hanna Somatic Education© also helped him to resolve severe carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery or the painful massage techniques he had endured.

Hanna Somatic Education© is not a therapy.

It is easy to mistake Hanna Somatics for therapy considering some of the transformative results that can be achieved when one uses this method. These results are possible because Somatics taps into the natural processes of our brains to receive and analyze data and then reprogram our action patterns to become more efficient and easier.

In other words, we are wired to learn. 

Hanna Somatics is not exercise.

Although the movement patterns of Hanna Somatics may look similar to other exercises you may be familiar with, the concept is very different. There is no stretching or strengthening involved. Just slow gentle movement that facilitates relaxation of chronically held muscular tension. 

It is a combination of Motor Control and Progressive Relaxation that resets the resting length of muscles. 

Hanna Somatics© is Education

that changes your body by changing your brain. This means you can learn your way out of pain.

A 2016 CDC report on the prevalence of chronic pain among adults in the United States estimates that 20.4% of US adults had chronic pain and 8.0% had high-impact chronic pain. 

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons adults seek medical care. This calls for the development of more precise population-wide pain interventions.

Clearly there is a need for an effective and efficient solution that does not involve dependence on medications or expensive therapies.

Hanna Somatics© fits the bill.

Ian’s story is a common one. I have seen it many times over. Perhaps yours is similar. 

Through injury or repetitive stress many of us find ourselves in chronic pain. Many of us have tried all kinds of therapies to relieve ourselves of the pain. It permeates our entire lives from work to recreation to our relationships.

Hanna Somatic Education© is the easy way to erase or eliminate chronic pain. 

Using slow gentle movement based in neuroscience and our natural responses to stress, Hanna Somatics improves motor control and reduces excess muscular tension. This feels good and it works brilliantly to reduce or eliminate chronic pain. 

The best way to understand Hanna Somatics© is to try it for yourself. Each one of us has our own story to tell. 

You can transform your potential and your story with Hanna Somatics©.

Hanna Somatic Education© could be the miracle you have been waiting for. That’s why I say, “Do Hanna Somatics then do what you LOVE.