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I help people learn to help themselves move without pain

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  Hello! I’m Deb

Licensed Massage Therapist and Somatic Movement Educator

Do you ever feel like you’re aging faster than you should be? I know I have despite not wanting to admit it. By the time I turned 50, I felt like I was constantly battling stubborn pain and a loss of mobility. The daily pain was exhausting and I noticed that I was becoming clumsy and irritable. 

If you have ever had chronic pain you know how difficult it can be to enjoy life. Maybe you have started avoiding some of your favorite activities. Maybe you are afraid that you will lose your independence as you grow older.

For me the pain meant not being able to ride my horse.  In fact it made caring for her difficult.

What would you be doing if you had no pain?

Despite getting regular massages, stretching, and staying active, the pain persisted. It was especially bad in the evenings when I was trying to relax. Shooting nerve pain down both legs and kept me up at night. I was relying on NSAIDS to manage the discomfort, but deep down, I knew there had to be a better way. 

When I discovered Hanna Somatic Education – a method that has helped countless others suffering from chronic pain, the quick results had me convinced this was gold. Within a few weeks of practicing the simple, novel movements, my pain had significantly improved. I could sit and relax in the evenings and sleep more peacefully.

Of course, the best part for me, was being able to ride my horse again without being in excruciating pain with every step she took.

 I’ve been helping people manage their stress and muscle pain for over 25 years using acupressure and massage therapy, but I have never come across anything as effective as Hanna Somatics. It’s not just another exercise program or therapy; it’s a way of learning to become aware of and undo deeply held tension in our bodies. It’s about regaining control and coordination to feel like a younger, more agile version of ourselves.

Now, it’s become my mission to bring Hanna Somatics to as many people as possible. I want to empower those who are struggling with chronic pain to regain their comfort and resiliance. Imagine not having to depend on a massage therapist or anyone else to manage your pain and tension – I want to give people the tools to help themselves move without pain and unlock their full potential. 

As society continues to age, it’s more important than ever to shift our beliefs about what it means to grow older. We don’t have to accept degeneration as an inevitable part of aging. With the right mindset and tools like Hanna Somatics, aging can be a process of growth and potential. As a Hanna Somatic Educator, I’m dedicated to spreading this message and helping people transform their lives with movement.


I Work With Individuals & Groups

One to One In Person or Online

Get to the root cause of your pain and transform your chronic tension into vitality.


Ultimate Fresh Start Program

Work with me over the course of  six months to meet your wellness goals. Your own personalized program to get out of pain and back in to life.

Group Movement Workshops

Relaxing and enjoyable movement classes that are the perfect introduction to a life changing Somatic movement practice.

"After the first session I found Somatics really helped relieve the constant tension in my arms, shoulders and back. The more I learned and practice Somatic movement with Deb, I also became aware of how you mind plays a big part in the movements and healing your body."

Terri S

" I was blessed to be introduced to Somatics few years ago and the results were amazing! Simple, gentle moves that repair and rebuild you all over. The Somatics helps me go about my active physical life without pain or medication. Next month I turn 70 and today I feel and move as if I was in my 30's again! Love the work and have referred many patients to Somatics."

Rebecca D., RN

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